Matt Fowles, CEO of Fowles Wine

“IT is not a language I speak, so I have often found support in this area frustrating throughout our business history. However, since switching to Tangible Technology, our IT ‘frustrations’ have reduced considerably!
Timely advice in plain English has been completely refreshing. Better than that though is that the team at TT fundamentally address any issues we face. No ‘sticky tape’ solutions – they go right to the core of any problems so they do not happen again.
Even transitioning from our on-site physical servers to a ‘private cloud’ was a painless exercise.
Highly recommend!”

Aaron Finn, CEO of Nautilus Aviation

“Nautilus Aviation is one of Australia’s largest and leading helicopter operators with bases located across the country. Tangible Technology have provided us with everything from telecommunications, web development, hosted servers, software applications, internet connectivity and IT hardware solutions.
Tangible Technology really are a one stop shop for all our IT requirements and also provide excellent after sales support and follow up.”

Shane Thatcher, Founder of Choovie

“We have worked with Tangible Technology from the planning phase, through development and commercialization, and now into the operational phase of the Choovie platform. The complexity of the platform and the fluid nature of the business model demanded not only a partner with exceptional technical capability, but also one who could handle the evolution of the project. We found that and more, in Tangible Technology. As in any significant technology development, we’ve had our tense moments, but TT have stayed focused on the outcome and we’ve always come out the other side a stronger team.”