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Custom & Bespoke Web Applications & Software Development


Onshore and Offshore development

We have a large team of software developers (both onshore and offshore) catering to the needs of our clients in bespoke application development, building and hosting websites, search engine optimization (SEO), smartphone application development among others.

Business Intelligence

We also undertake IT consultancy, E-commerce, ERP, Systems Integration, Business Intelligence and Reporting.

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Software Development

If you are in the market for a software solution to satisfy your business requirements, you generally have a few options depending on your budget and software requirements;

  • Use an ‘off the shelf’ package and work with its limitations
  • Customise the ‘off the shelf’ package to better meet your needs
  • Create a custom software package to do exactly what you need

Tangible Technology has a team of software developers in Melbourne that specialises in bespoke applications tailored to the needs of our clients. We have extensive skills and experience in customising ‘off the shelf’ software packages to better meet the requirements of your business and more often than not there is usually further need to integrate with another software package or system that will ultimately improve efficiency.

We work to deliver a solution that is unique to our client requirements whilst adhering to IT best practices. We help our clients every step of the way through their business transformation journey, by minimising the often complex process of building a comprehensive custom and bespoke application that is reliable, scalable and secure. Our Melbourne based outfit is a great team of talented individuals delivering solutions across a range of platforms and technologies.

Our experienced personnel provide a conducive environment to ease through the software development lifecycle (SDLC). We have a proven track record in applying best practices to software development which enables end-to-end process management in

  • Business analysis & requirement elicitation
  • Solutions architecture & software design
  • Project costing and planning
  • Project management via the agile methodology
  • Software development
  • Testing & Quality Assurance
  • End-user training & documentation
  • Roll-out & application hosting (internal and cloud-based)
  • Maintenance & enhancements
 We pride ourselves in our expertise in a myriad of software platforms and frameworks including
  • .NET (C#, VB, Silverlight), PHP, Java
  • Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL
  • Magento, WordPress, CakePHP, SugarCRM
  • Smartphones and Tablets (iOS, Android)
  • Angular and Ionic applications

We offer our expertise to build bespoke systems to suit your requirements.
We take away your pain to manage and build complex software systems and help you through the process effectively.