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Medical IT, Dental IT and Urogynaecology IT Services

At Tangible Technology we take a personalised approach to our medical IT services and work in partnership with you to create a compressive dental or medical IT service, taking all your technical needs into account. Whether you’re looking for a specific IT solution or long-term medical IT services in Melbourne, Tangible Technology has a team of experts waiting to help. From maintaining your computers to creating detailed security systems, Tangible Technology is a one-stop-shop for medical, dental, urogynaecology IT services and technology management. Some of the services we provide are:

  • Maintaining computers and other hardware
  • Updating and installing software
  • Installing security patches
  • Monitoring your network
  • Network and data security
  • Data backup
  • Help-desk support

By allowing us to take on the technology side of your practice you will be free to focus on what is truly important, patient care. Our specialised medical IT services make sure your information is secure and your hardware maintained. Tangible Technology can offer individual medical or dental IT services with an expert understanding of the IT requirements of Australian healthcare practitioners. Regardless of the size of your clinic, whether you need medical, dental or urogynaecology IT services, we can tailor a package to suit your needs. Our team are experts in implementing disaster recovery plans, effective backup strategies, and securing your network and data.Get in touch with Tangible Technology today to discuss our medical and dental IT services in Melbourne.

A Partnership with your Practice to Provide Comprehensive Medical IT Services in Melbourne

Tangible Technology will work in partnership with your practice to make sure we are providing the right medical IT services for your clinic. The quality of care you provide your patients can remain your top priority and we can handle the quality of the technology you use. We have a team of highly trained technicians with experience in the healthcare sector, so we can provide you with the best possible medical IT services in Melbourne. Working in partnership with your practice we can:

  • Evaluate and implement solutions for data and network security
  • Implement and maintain IT networks using your preferred software
  • Manage storage with modern cloud technology
  • Create and consolidate network infrastructure
  • Integrate services across your clinic’s network
  • Keep track of software and hardware with detailed catalogue reports
  • Supply and service all hardware
Security and Confidentiality with Medical IT Services in Melbourne

With Tangible Technology, you can be sure that your network and data remains protected. We understand the sensitive nature of your patient files and information, so the utmost care will be taken in protecting them. With our medical IT services, we can create a plan together with you to provide the best protection for your practice complying with Australian privacy laws. Healthcare providers in Australia are all under a legal obligation to protect the health information of their patients and our team will provide comprehensive security measures to ensure that. Securing your network and data is essential as cyber-crime and data theft is a serious threat to your practice. We will work diligently to safeguard your data and secure your network, so you are free to focus on your patients. Our medical IT services also extend to any mobile device connected to your network. As patient data may be present on them they will also need to be secured. You can rest assured that your data and confidential patient information will be strictly secured and only accessible from those with authorised access. Contact Tangible Technology for more information about our medical, dental and urogynaecology IT services in Melbourne.

Online Storage Solutions for Medical, Dental and Urogynaecology IT Services in Melbourne

Utilising online storage solutions such as the cloud can aid efficiency and collaboration. The ability to access files anywhere from multiple devices provides freedom and flexibility to your work and with our security measures in place, there is no threat to the confidential nature of the files shared. Data can be easily shared amongst those with authorised access and fully protected from all others. Tangible Technology can implement any change-overs with minimal disruption to your practice. Our aim is to provide you with a fully functional, reliable and efficient medical IT service.

Backup and Recovery Plans with Medical and Dental IT Services in Melbourne.

Tangible Technology will work closely alongside you to provide all your medical IT services. We will take the time to get to know your practice, so we can tailor our medical, dental or urogynaecology IT services to your practice. The risk of losing your data due to a malfunction is a threat to everyone, but in the healthcare sector, a lost patient file could have serious repercussions. While we will work tirelessly to maintain your hardware and server, in the event of a crash you can rest assured that your files are secure and backed-up. The expert technicians at Tangible Technology will constantly backup your data so we will be able to rapidly retrieve anything lost. Our medical IT services include:

  • Protected online and offline storage
  • Fast data recovery
  • Monitoring data security
  • Personal continuity plan designed for your clinic’s practices
Personalised Packages for Medical IT Services in Melbourne

At Tangible Technology we are committed to providing comprehensive medical IT services, dental IT services, even urogynaecology IT services. Each practice or clinic will have varying IT needs, so we will tailor our service to you. With a keen knowledge of the major medical software available, Tangible Technology can fit our medical IT services to your unique needs while still retaining industry compliance. We can run workshops to fully comprehend the personal requirements of your practice and propose the best medical IT services for you. With a proficient understanding of Australian healthcare IT systems, the importance of the confidentiality of your data, and a comprehensive knowledge of all things IT, Tangible Technology can provide your practice with first-class medical IT services in Melbourne.

If you have any questions regarding our medical IT services, we offer customised solutions to suit your specific needs.  Contact us for a no obligation consultation.