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Tangible Technology has proven track record in design, procurement, implementation, monitoring and maintenance of IT infrastructure within Gaming, Hospitality, Aviation, Travel & Tourism, and Retail industries. We use industry standard practices and work with leading vendors to provide a secure and high-performance infrastructure for our clients.

  • We understand complex and hybrid IT setups. Tailored to suit your budget, we are geared to provide the best solution that is unique to your business and offer value for money.
  • Our team of experienced personnel understand the importance of high availability, we are well positioned to advise and implement best practices in networking, infrastructure, mobile and cloud computing to achieve real business outcomes.
  • We have a considerable investment in our IT platforms and work closely with our partners to ensure we are abreast with the latest technologies. We give our clients the peace of mind knowing we are a one-stop-shop providing the best solution for your requirements.

Why move to the cloud?

The decision to move to a cloud-based service depends on many factors. We have successfully migrated numerous companies to our managed IT service infrastructure, each company is unique with different ideas and expectations on what benefits can be gained by migrating to a cloud service. For some companies who have limited IT knowledge, moving to a hosted service makes perfect sense as it allows them to focus on their business. As companies grow, the reliance on IT systems becomes even more critical which is why cloud-based services become a viable option. The scalability and performance of a quality cloud-based provider reduces the headache and capex on IT infrastructure, whether it be adding or upgrading servers, moving to a better CRM software platform or simply providing better support for staff to perform there day to day tasks.


Moving to managed IT service allows greater flexibility as systems can be quickly scaled to meet increasing demands, whether it be increase storage, CPU power or communication bandwidth to accommodate increasing traffic and data transfers. The effort and expertise to manage this on-premise can be a challenge if the IT knowledge in your company is limited. If you weigh up the costs of employing an IT person to manage your infrastructure along with associated hardware and software costs, the benefits of a cloud-based solution can be a more cost-effective option.


The advancement in technology and computing systems require skilled and experienced personnel to ensure systems are running at peak performance, have constant uptime and provide accessibility from virtually anywhere. By engaging in qualitatively managed IT services for SME, you get a wide skill set that covers all the components of a reliable and secure infrastructure. We have an experienced team of technical professionals covering all areas of IT. We can provide a simple support service to fill any gaps you might have, or we can provide a complete managed service in SME from building complex networks to server installations and bespoke software development.

Disaster Recovery

The issue of disaster recovery becomes apparent only at the time of the actual disaster, up until then it’s usually something that is overlooked and given little thought. Here are a few basic reminders of how you might be impacted should a disaster occur:

If your server crashed, how long would it take to be operational again and how long will your staff be unproductive?
How good are your current backups, do you store your backups offsite in case the office caught fire was flooded or broken into?
What would happen if today, your laptop was lost, stolen or failed to boot up?
Do you have critical data located in various systems throughout your company?
How accessible is your physical computer equipment to unauthorised users?
What cost do you put on your data in case it was compromised or lost?

If you are comfortable in your IT infrastructure knowing all the above is covered, you are probably in the minority of most small to medium businesses. Protecting your data could be as simple as using a cloud backup service, we have software and systems in place to back up your critical data whether it be a pc’s, laptop or server. We schedule backups and synch data after hours or at times where network utilisation is low so your business is not impacted and we use the latest deduplication technology to ensure your data can be retrieved on demand.

Reduce Costs

Moving to a managed IT cloud service means that you no longer have the high-cost impact of maintaining onsite hardware. With a cloud-based service, you simply pay as you go and pay for what you use. We have successfully migrated many clients from all their on-premise hardware to a fully hosted private cloud. The reduction of onsite infrastructure is something that appeals to many customers looking to move to a cloud service. We have the skills to partially or fully migrate based on your requirements, the flexibility and security of our platform can accommodate any unique requirement you might have. It’s never been easier to move to a cloud service and the cost savings can be measurable before you make any commitment. Talk to us anytime for free advice or to get a better understanding of managed IT service in Melbourne and how you want to improve the way you operate from an IT perspective.


Concerns over your data security is an important question to ask when moving to a cloud hosting service, we have intrusion protection and security alert services that are constantly monitored against targeted and random attacks. Data transmitted from your location to your hosted server is encrypted via secure VPN tunnels and firewalled networks.

Any of the reasons outlined above should prompt any business to consider moving to a cloud-based solution. We pride ourselves in providing managed IT services in Melbourne from the initial information gathering to implementation migration and follow up maintenance and support services.

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