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Private and Public Cloud Backup

Tangible Technology is an IT support company based in Melbourne. We offer a comprehensive range of IT services and support including cloud backup services. So what is a cloud backup and which one is right for your organisation?

There are basically two options when it comes to selecting a cloud backup solution, public cloud or private cloud.  Both have their advantages but it’s vital to understand the difference and the impact it might have on your business should the time come to restore your backups from the cloud.

Public Cloud Backup Solutions

A public cloud is an infrastructure where a third-party service provider hosts servers and storage, allowing you to effectively you pay as you go for an arranged amount of cloud storage. Large public cloud providers such as AWS and Azure make it easy to scale up or down depending on your requirements and they tend to be a little cheaper because they provide you a shared platform to use, however you are responsible for managing and maintaining your data. If you have skilled IT staff within your organisation, a public cloud solution might be your preferred option as they typically do not have long term contracts and offer the ability to select additional services and add-ons as your needs change.

Private Cloud Backup

Private cloud infrastructure is generally a preferred option for companies who have limited IT staff and prefer to have their backups fully managed by an external company. The benefits of an engaging with an IT Support Company is the ease and speed of which a backup solution can be implemented. Private cloud backup services can be a fully managed service, providing reporting, 24×7 monitoring, security updates and alerts. Tangible Technology utilises the speed and performance of deduplication and solid-state storage with dedicated high-speed internet links to provide a robust backup service, we can facilitate both a public or private cloud solution with a level of involvement customised to suit your needs.

Cloud Security

Security is essential to all computing systems, and that, of course, includes the cloud. A significant concern with cloud computing is the user relinquishing some control of their environment. Our secure firewalls and real time intrusion protection gives our clients peace of mind that any exchange of data to and from the cloud is protected.

So, what’s it going to cost me?

Cost is an important factor however be careful not to base your decision purely on cost. A Private cloud backup solution will attract a higher cost because you are simply getting more for your money. The added security, 24×7 monitoring, maintenance and support is something to consider, but more importantly, the speed of which critical data can be recovered should not be underestimated, especially if your organisation relies heavily on critical information such as database access and e-commerce. Contact us for a no obligation quote or advise on which backup solution is best for you.

Tangible Technology is an IT Support Company based in Melbourne

We are a Melbourne based IT support company with expertise in all areas of IT infrastructure. We offer comprehensive IT services and support, and specialise in cloud services. Whether you need a private cloud, or assistance with an AWS or Azure implementation, we have a proven track record to ensure your next project will be on time and on budget.