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If you run an accounting firm, or have an accounting department that generates a large volumes of data or transactions, you would be familiar with the stress and risks that can arise due to technical issues, virus attacks and sudden breakdowns. Add to this, the fear of data protection and cyber crimes. In a city like Melbourne which is one of the busiest financial hubs in Australia, these risks are very real so it pays to consult with a specialist that can provide the accounting IT support and security for your business.

Not sure if you really need specialized accounting IT support? Read on to understand how it can help in your day to day work:

Managed IT services

You would be better off spending more time on your work and clients, instead of administering and maintaining your IT networks. This is why a specialized managed IT firm can be very helpful, as you can get it to maintain your computers, update software and install security patches as needed, monitor your network and take care of all hardware and software requirements.

Network security

Cyber crimes are a threat to the stability of your business, and can have far reaching implications. The accessibility of company sensitive data across multiple devices, including personal mobile devices allows more avenues for intrusion and greater exposure to the risk of cyber attacks. The standard antivues packages won’t fully protect your business environment so you need advanced monitoring and intrusion prevention system to better secure your data. Tangible Technology provides IT services for Legal firms, accounting practices and companies that operate in the securities industry such as trading firms. Talk to us about your accounting IT support requirements, we can help create a detailed data security plan, customized for your business.

Data integrity and availability

Data loss is detrimental to your daily business and in some cases can cause irreparable loss of reputation as well. An experienced accounting IT support firm can help you set up regular data backups, with the ability to access it securely online and offline, and enabling quick recovery in the event an IT disaster. Our cloud backup solution is a perfect addition to on onsite server however many other options are available to secure your sensitive data.

Cloud and office virtualization

Cloud technology is a huge benefit if you have offices or staff spread across multiple locations. Office virtualization can help to modernize your workflow and offer increased flexibility and scalability. Cloud servers and VPN technology increase overall efficiency, collaboration and productivity by allowing users to access data and applications  regardless of their physical location. If you are in the market for an experienced accounting IT services firm, talk to us about a free audit and consultation where we can advise best practices and identify gaps and potential weaknesses in your IT infrastructure.

Data protection compliance

We pride ourselves in providing specialist accounting IT services, our security measures ensure your data adheres to the privacy laws specific to your industry. Medical, accounting, law and financial firms all require robust security networks to ensure crucial data is protected. We are experienced in providing accounting IT services and can help build the necessary infrastructure to achieve data security and compliance.

At Tangible Technology, our main goal is to make technology work for you. All our endeavours are focussed towards that end in mind. Our expertise in accounting IT support is used by many firms in Melbourne to not only improve their productivity and reduce downtime, but also safeguard their network and data from security threats. We understand Australian accounting practices and have the experience of working with many Australian accounting firms, making it easy for your accounting staff to communicate with our team as compared to general IT service providers. Over the last few years, we have helped many accounting firms implement better IT solutions and processes for their day to day operations, while reducing both operating costs and risk. We would be delighted to help you achieve maximum productivity with a secure IT environment that is functional and caters for your business needs. With local support right here in Melbourne, we service clients across the country, so if you’re in the market for a quality IT service provider we would welcome the opportunity to speak with you. For inquiries or tailored solutions regarding accounting IT support for you can reach out to us at [email protected] or call us on 1300 787 330.