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Almost all businesses today rely on IT for smooth and efficient operations. Any disruption, be it due to hardware or software issues can result in decreased productivity and efficiency. The best Small to Medium Enterprises understand the importance of having solid IT infrastructure to ensure maximum uptime, however most businesses are not IT savvy, and this is why it makes sense to engage with a specialist partner for your IT requirements.

Customers are spoilt for choice these days, there are many vendors and firms offering niche and specialized packages when it comes to IT services. It’s not uncommon for businesses to engage in multiple service providers for different requirements over time however, having multiple vendors can add to the time and effort to manage. A wiser approach is to have one IT partner who can offer end-to-end business IT services in Melbourne, as this will not only save you time and money, but would also be a lot easier to keep costs under control and have a single source for troubleshooting and support.


The benefits of outsourcing business IT services outweigh the investment you  make


1. Constant Monitoring To Avert Issues

One of the biggest advantages in having a single business IT services provider is the local support. Tangible Technology is located in Melbourne, with local resources and support. You have the peace of mind knowing you can contact a local support office with instant remote assistance and even onsite support if required.  The economies of scale suggest with one local IT resource, a similar cost would give you access to a team of support staff who are skills and knowledge across all areas of IT.

Our networks are monitored regularly which enables us to identify potential issues well in advance, our advanced systems help us to be proactive and ensure data is secure.

Higher Security

On the subject of security, each business faces the risk of data loss due to hardware failures and security breaches by hackers. And if we account for natural calamities and human error, this risk is multiplied and the result is a negative effect on your business continuity. Having a reliable IT partner would help mitigate this risk by ensuring IT professionals monitor your network and data security. Cloud back-ups, disaster recovery plans and remote sites can ensure you are back online as quickly as possible following an unfortunate disaster.

2. Convenience

We at Tangible Technology pride ourselves in offering a free IT audit to ensure your technology assets and computing systems are functioning at the required level for your business. We make it easy for you to scale up or down as your company needs change, by offering infrastructure as a service (IaaS), Hosted systems, Web Hosting, SD-WAN technology and software integration services. Our business IT services in Melbourne is a solution based offering geared towards minimizing downtime and providing enough resilience and performance to ensure your computing demands are not compromised. Whether you are a small business or a medium enterprise, we are geared to completely manage and monitor your entire IT environment, in a secure and reliable way, so that you can focus on growing your business, unhindered.