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As cloud computing becomes more appealing to growing businesses, data protection is definitely a concern that needs to be addressed. Unfortunately, the massive growth of cloud technology has also contributed to the growth in cyber crime so data security is not something to be overlooked. Any system that connects to the internet is vulnerable to attacks from anywhere. Apart from a data breach, cyber attacks can also cause embarrassment, loss of revenue, not to mention the effects on stakeholders and clients.

Cyber attacks are an ever changing and evolving threat. Research from the Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission estimates that cyber crime costs the Australian economy over $1 billion annually. But it isn’t just organizations that are exposed to risk, Governments, businesses and even households are subject to attack. In fact, Alastair McGibbon, chief cyber security coordinator to the Australian government has stated that the prospect of a catastrophic cyber incident is the greatest existential threat that we as a society face today.

In terms of cyber security, prevention is the best served by being prepared and establishing a solid contingency plan. Having a cyber security framework in place can help prevent cyber attacks, system disruptions, data and identity theft as well as provide a solid framework for a business continuity should any of your systems be compromised.

A good way to get started is to analyse the threat landscape for your line of business, and take appropriate measures to develop a strong security policy. Most organizations now consider cyber security as an essential part of their overall risk management, and engage agencies that provide robust cyber security services to protect the integrity of their network and data. A robust network security strategy will combine multiple layers of defences, with specific policies and controls that allow only authorized personnel to access the network, and block out malicious entities.

Here are some quick questions to ascertain how safe is your business from cyber attacks, and whether you need to invest in network security.

In the event of a server crash, how much time will your business and employees take to resume operations?

If your laptop is damaged and doesn’t boot up, will you be able to carry on work from another system, without downtime?

If your office is destroyed in a fire, will you be able to recover your data?

How many personnel have access to your organization’s computer equipment?

What would be the risk to your business if your data was compromised?

Tangible Technology is one of the leading Melbourne-based cyber security services providers to offer an end to end solution in network security which includes hardware, software and applications. We use virtual VLAN technology and secure firewall products to offer network isolation and protection.

We have a team of experienced staff who stays at the forefront of cyber threats, our systems are constantly monitored to ensure any new threats are discovered in advance. So when it comes to network security, you can be assured your data is protected as well as it can be, allowing you to focus on business growth, without the fear of interruptions.