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The rapid evolution of the technological world produces novel terms and phrases that flow into the everyday vocabulary of the internet. Like many web terms, one of the vital words of importance to individuals and businesses alike takes its cue from a real-world concept: the ‘cloud.’

Since the beginning of the decade, the advances within the technological world have been the capabilities of using the internet as data storage and connectivity. More businesses are now realising that cloud technology is becoming an effective way of storing and sharing data with the added benefit of reducing costs and resources.

Cloud services are changing the way in which we host and manage data. Cloud computing platforms offer the ability to host data and resources via online tools and custom applications, allowing data to be accessed and manipulated in secure environments compared to data being stored on servers physically located at the business’s premises.

Cloud solution offerings from Tangible Technology present a new model of IT infrastructure as a service. In-house IT infrastructure requires considerable upkeep and the constant up-skilling of staff and resources. The benefits of a cloud solution enables the scaling of resources as and when required. It also provides a number of real benefits for users as they adopt the technology.

The invaluable nature of the cloud services enable organisations to access their resources more effectively from anywhere with an internet connection. The cloud is a cost effective alternative as the service provides a pay as you go model compared to the constant allocation of capex funds to sustain on premise complex infrastructures.

Tangible tech specialize in bespoke data centre solutions and cloud services for businesses all through the Melbourne, leading the way in the next generation of data storing and connectivity.