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Business IT Support in Melbourne

For comprehensive business IT support in Melbourne, Tangible Technology offers custom packages designed to meet the needs of your business. Whether you’re after specific IT solutions or long-term business IT services we can tailor our packages to you. We can implement effective, proven practices and manage change-over with minimal disruption to your business.  Tangible Technology offers specialised business IT support and comprehensive security systems to fully protect your network and data. Our services can ensure your IT systems are performing at their highest capability to allow your staff to work at the optimum productivity. Tangible Technology can create a customised business IT support package tailored to your needs to provide a highly effective business IT service in Melbourne.

Building a Partnership to Provide Business IT Support in Melbourne

Our team of IT specialists will work in partnership with your business to provide you with comprehensive business IT support. We will focus on understanding your business and your IT needs to give you the best possible business IT services in Melbourne. Our staff can conduct workshops to recognize your requirements and prospective outcomes, so we can propose the best business IT services for you. Working in partnership with your business we will:

  • Evaluate and implement solutions for data and network security
  • Implement and maintain IT networks using your preferred software
  • Manage storage with modern cloud technology
  • Create and consolidate network infrastructure
  • Integrate services across your office network
  • Keep track of software and hardware with detailed catalogue reports
  • Supply and service hardware

Tangible Technology will take a personalised approach to apply the right business IT support for you. Requirements across businesses will vary so we will take the time to understand your individual needs to develop a personalised business IT support package for you. Get in touch to partner with Tangible Technology today for reliable business IT support in Melbourne.

Business IT Support in Melbourne offering Technology Management

Tangible Technology can ensure that your technology works for you. With expert maintenance, updates and security, your business can achieve efficiency and increased productivity. With Tangible Technology’s business IT services in Melbourne, your company can focus on their work without risk and minimal downtown when a malfunction occurs. We provide:

  • Maintenance of computers and other hardware
  • Software updates
  • Installing security patches
  • Network monitoring
  • Network and data security
  • Offsite back-up
  • Help-desk support

Our business IT services in Melbourne are designed because we know it can be costly when technology-based interruptions arise. Software updates or hardware fault can cause delays that take your staff away from their task. At Tangible Technology we have an expert team providing continual support and maintenance, and updates can take place outside of your business hours, so your time can be spent productively. We can customise a business IT support package for your needs, so all your IT requirements will be covered when you partner with Tangible Technology.

Backup and Disaster Recovery with Tangible Technology’s Business IT Services in Melbourne

Tangible Technology will perform regular back-ups to allow for rapid data recovery in the event of a server crash. With multiple back-ups utilising both online and offline storage, regardless of the issue, your data will be recovered quickly so you can get back to business. We can provide you with:

  • Protected online and offline storage
  • Fast data recovery
  • Monitoring data security
  • Personal continuity plan designed for your practices

Tangible Technology can provide your business with a thorough data back-up to provide disaster recovery if you ever need it. Call today to discuss our business IT services in Melbourne.

Cloud Solutions and Business IT Support in Melbourne

Online storage solutions like the cloud are designed to aid collaboration amongst staff and support efficiency for your workers. By reducing the time spent searching for, replacing, sharing, and transferring documents, and the ability to work anywhere, across devices allows for a modern, flexible workflow.  At Tangible Technology we offer:

  • Hosted servers (Windows and Linux)
  • Private cloud storage and maintenance
  • Infrastructure as a service (laaS)
  • Managed services

When utilising the efficiency of online storage solutions like the cloud, we have strict security measures in place to ensure only those with clearance have access. Our business IT services ensure easy access while your Network and Data will be fully protected.

Network Security and Business IT Support in Melbourne

An inescapable threat affecting today’s businesses is cyber-crime and data theft. Anyone can be a target regardless of the size of your business. With our business IT services, we will implement a data and network security system to ensure the safety of your business.  Protecting any personal data stored on your computers and the cloud is a top priority. Your personal data, emails, financial records and customer information will remain protected against unauthorised access with our detailed business IT services. Social media use and web browsing is not only the number one reason for low productivity it also carries the threat of accessing a compromised site that can result in infection. It is not enough to simply rely on anti-virus software as sophisticated cyber-attacks can easily bypass low-end routers. It is also important to remember that mobile devices need to be protected, many people are unlikely to secure their personal devices despite company data and information is present on them. Mobile devices are increasingly being targeted in data-theft as a result of this. A detailed security plan will be tailored to your business and ongoing business IT support will be available ensuring the safety and security of your network and data. We will provide:

  • Network and wireless protection
  • Endpoint protection
  • Mobile protection
  • Web and email protection

Our one-stop-shop for business IT support in Melbourne provides you with an extensive service handled by expert technicians with years of experience. We are happy to answer any questions you may have regarding your business IT support and can provide a detailed plan based on your company’s needs. For more information about business, IT services Melbourne companies can rely on, get in touch with Tangible Technology today.

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